VirtusAero is pleased to announce that we are now offering user support for the University of Minnesota US3D Computational Fluid Dynamics software. VirtusAero provides US3D users with a help desk and ticket tracking system through which users can contact US3D developers and expert users for help with software configuration, compilation, and installation support. In addition, the experts at VirtusAero can provide diagnosis and resolution of reported problems with US3D and possible workarounds as well as answering questions related to software usage and integration with grid generation or solution post-processing software. Engineers who utilize the US3D help desk provided by VirtusAero can expect to more quickly become efficient and productive US3D users. In addition, the close collaboration of VirtusAero experts with US3D researchers at the University of Minnesota will help to ensure that any bugs or problems found in the software are more quickly resolved.

VirtusAero offers various levels of Software Support in addition to on-site training and custom programming. Please contact us to obtain expert US3D support services.