VirtusAero is the 
Power of Aero

At VirtusAero we believe that powerful software should be easy to use. This simple idea drives us to improve every aspect of software that we develop and support. We work hard to incorporate our knowledge and expertise into the tools we build so that researchers and engineers can more quickly and easily find the answers they need.

VirtusAero delivers powerful software for high-fidelity CFD analysis, specifically focused on supersonic and hypersonic flow regimes. US3D is our state-of-the-art research and analysis tool developed collaboratively at the University of Minnesota, NASA Ames and VirtusAero, providing unstructured-grid, finite-volume CFD.

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Software Development

Since 2015, VirtusAero has pursued research and development of computational tools for aerospace applications. We provide engineering consulting, software development, and support for the United States aerospace community, with a particular focus and expertise in hypersonics.

Engineering Consulting

VirtusAero offers support services for the US3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code, which was developed at the University of Minnesota. We also develop, distribute and support the STABL2D and STABL3D software for analysis of hypersonic boundary layer stability and transition.

Computational Tools

In addition to developing and supporting STABL2D/3D and US3D, VirtusAero continually pursues new research and development opportunities seeks to collaborate in the areas of aerospace engineering, computational fluid mechanics and hypersonic gas dynamics.