US3D-1.1.8 Released

After six months of development and extensive testing, US3D-1.1.8 is now available for download from VirtusAero.  Building on the previous 1.1.7 release, this patch release version includes a large number of fixes and improvements. Highlights of the changes include:

  • Fixed usage of uninitialized variables that could cause NaN in some cases
  • Changed to use long integers with ParMETIS – fixes a problem with very large grids
  • Fixed a segmentation fault when trying to load faulty plugins
  • Changed type(gas_t) to class(gas_t) for additional flexibility
  • Relaxed assumption of fixed temperature ranges of Lewis data for all species
  • Improved boundary layer edge detection and error handling
  • Added setting both kmax and kmaxo in MANAGE block
  • Eliminated hardcoded limit on number of allowed MONITOR points
  • Allow backslash for continuation of long post-processing lines
  • Improved handling of corners in grid tailoring
  • Change to use more accurate deferred correction method for face gradients
  • Fixed some string processing issues with older GCC compiles
  • Many other small fixes and improvements

Because of the large number of fixes and improvements, it is recommended that current US3D users move to the latest US3D-1.1.8 patch release.  Please email if you need access to the US3D download site.

US3D Plugins

With the finalization of US3D-1.1.8, we will begin making a number of compatible plugins available for download.  Please see the VirtusAero website for additional details as they become available.

US3D Training

With travel restrictions affecting almost everybody, VirtusAero has begin to offer virtual online US3D training.  Simultaneously, we have been working to improve our training facility for the time when in-person training becomes available again.  Please contact us if you are interested in attending one of the upcoming US3D training sessions.

US3D Knowledge Base

We are continuing to add articles to the US3D Knowledge Base.  If you are a current US3D user and would like access to the US3D Knowledge Base please email us:

Do you have other questions about using US3D? We’re help to help.  Please send an email to: