US3D-1.1.7 Released

After nearly a year of development and testing, US3D-1.1.7 has reached a final state and release packages are now available.  This release includes a large number of fixes and improvements throughout the solver and utility routines. Highlights include:

  • Fixed KEC fluxes always using full dissipation
  • Fixed inconsistencies with ivib=3
  • Fixed allowing Tecplot-formatted data output while using user subroutines
  • Improved casefile processing and new us3d-clean-casefile command
  • More user subroutines added in various locations
  • New handlers added, and fixed missing handler registrations
  • Added mixing-layer compressibility correction to SA models
  • Fixed poor convergence rates when using non-hex grid elements
  • Added linear interpolation to us3d-interp and grid tailoring routines
  • Added file tag and attachment commands
  • US3D can now convert and use NASA DPLR chemistry files
  • With US3D-1.1.7 reaching a final state, more effort will be focused on US3D plugin development.  Several US3D plugins are currently under development and will be made available when ready for use and testing.  These include:
    • Catalytic and ablating wall boundary conditions
    • Elastic grid deformation
    • EVM/FPM combustion model
    • Automatic Mesh Refinement (AMR)
    • Conjugate heat transfer / thermal response
    • NEQAIR radiation coupling
    • Input-Output analysis

VirtusAero News

VirtusAero will once again have a booth at the AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition (January 7-9, 2020). Visit us this week at booth 233 in the Exposition Hall. Stop by to see what’s new with US3D or find out more about it. We look forward to the opportunity to visit with US3D users, and introduce US3D to more people. We hope to see you!

VirtusAero recently moved into a new corporate office, located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. In addition to enhanced space for our growing staff, the office provides on-site space for training and meetings. Watch for upcoming information on US3D training sessions to be held at the VirtusAero office. 

Along with the move to our new offices, the US3D and STABL download links and passwords have been updated.  If you are a current US3D or STABL user, please contact us to obtain the new download information.