The mission of VirtusAero is to provide engineering consulting, software development and support for the United States aerospace community with a particular focus and expertise in hypersonics.

Founded by Dr. Heath Johnson and based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, VirtusAero continually pursues research and development of computational tools for aerospace applications.

About Heath


Heath Johnson graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (1994), a Master of Science (1998) and a Ph.D. (2001) in aerospace engineering.  He has held a Senior Research Associate position at the University of Minnesota since 2004 along with a few full-time or part-time industry positions.  At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Johnson developed the highly successful and widely used STABL software suite for interactive CFD pre- and post-processing, mean flow solution analysis, and linear and parabolized boundary layer stability analysis. In his position at the University of Minnesota he is currently a co-developer of the US3D unstructured-grid hypersonic-gas CFD code which is becoming widely used as a standard tool for hypersonics research in government labs, industry, and academia.  Dr. Johnson is also an author of the STABL3D code which is currently developed and distributed by VirtusAero.